Over the last 27 years, Innovation Plus has designed and built hundreds of exceptional living experiences. A customer specific approach allows us to tailor your home around your dreams. With complete design through construction services, we offer a one-stop solution for new home development and renovation.

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Our Services

Our capabilities have grown to encompass all avenues from conception to construction. We provide home design, land sourcing, building, finishing and interior design services. We will walk you through every step from blueprints to permits, supporting your new construction, renovation or in-fill project.



New Home Design

We've expanded our services over the years to provide our customers with a one-stop custom building solution. Our focus is on design excellence, creating unique homes for each customer. Each design is then executed by our experienced construction teams. The Innovation Plus ownership team is there to walk you step-by-step through each phase, ensuring the highest attention to detail and commitment to quality.




As an elite design and construction company, we build brand new homes from scratch, or renovate existing homes. We have experience working with complicated projects, and working around the challenges an existing structure can pose. If you have a demanding project requiring a multitude of abilities you can rely on us. We are one of the Edmonton's top renovation organizations.



Our Abilities

Evaluation - Before investing into design, we'll work with you to evaluate or source lots that meet your needs. We work with realtors, community associations and the City of Edmonton to collect the information needed.


New Home Design and Renovation - Through some initial discussions and evaluations, we understand what your needs are, and use that information to provide insights into the budget required.


Permits - We work with you to investigate and secure building permits to the specific home you wish, within the community you desire.

Construction - To respect customer constraints, we utilize several teams. We have in-house framing and finishing crews for example, that ensure production lines-up with planned timelines. When our teams complete the entire process, we can better control the quality and costs of the project.


Interior Design - As part of the construction process, we can assist with interior design. Our designers will building the final vision of your dream home. There are numerous teams we can employ, each with specific abilities to match the personality and expectations of the customer.

Our Process


Building with Comfort

We designed our company to provide a comfortable building experience for our customers. With a smaller, more focused team, we deliver a more accurate product while offering a complete service. Customers deal directly with the ownership team, who work toward building confidence in the project vision and satisfaction with the final result.


Our experience delivers better results, and by offering a full suite of design and construction services, we can ensure customer satisfaction. As a family business, we can build a more personal relationship with our customers and better understand what results will truly impress.


Discovering the Project

For new homes or renovations, the process starts with a discussion, asking questions to build an expectation for the project. We use this to construct a preliminary overview of scope and budget range, confirming this with the customer. Its only after this initial overview is confidently accepted and approved that a formal design process begins. We take this opportunity to build an expectation of the project, and if it is unreasonable or unfeasible, we want to uncover that upfront.


We will also assist with securing lots and coordinating in-fills that meet your location and construction needs. Our understanding of the permit process will ensure the project can be realistically and legally accomplished. Having our expertise throughout the project length provides peace of mind to our customers, giving confidence in a
great product.


Designing the Vision

With the overview accomplished and appropriate land and budget concerns addressed, we begin the formal design process. It begins through discussions, isolating the key features you desire in your project and building an understanding of your expectations. With decades of custom home design and renovation experience, we know how to conceptualize the home experience you desire.


The process we use is a flexible one, providing you with several options for development ranging from more complex, moderate, and conservative designs. As with all other stages of our process, we're very open and approachable, uncovering any concerns and revising until the perfect vision remains.



With several teams available for development, we can accommodate more timelines. The ownership is involved through every step including construction, ensuring the vision we've built becomes reality. Keeping the development close to the designers allows us to create a high quality product that adheres to the creativity our customers expect.


We also work regularly with numerous interior design groups that can offer their services based on your requirements and home interior personality. This element blends into the construction process, keeping the themes of the project consistent with expectations.

About Us

About Us

A Top Company with Family Values

As family business with over three decades of experience, Innovation Plus is committed to providing a comfortable and personalized home development process. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us one of the best custom contractors in Edmonton. Whether it is a new home or renovation project, the experience of our team provides confidence in quality aswell as exciting and unique designs.


We started this business when we found a major disparity in the market between design and price, where many consumers were getting custom designs that failed to be consistent with their desired budget. By controlling all aspects of the design and construction process, we can ensure the highest standards while maintaining accuracy in the budget.

About Us

Ownership Involvement

Having our owners involved in every aspect of our work provides the strongest accountability towards quality. From the very beginning they work personally with each customer to understand the project expectations and guide the development process.


They remain the main point of contact for any questions or concerns, providing a familiar face that maintains the relationship. We've built a reputation for great communication and building confidence in our customers.

Personalized Service

As a smaller, more agile custom home builder and renovator, we can be more focused on the specific needs of our customers. Every home we build is different and we don't reproduce projects or do show homes. Our understanding of the entire home building and in-fill process lets us guide the entire project to completion. If there is a specific home you want, we can help source the lot, provide in-fill services and ensure that building and community codes are met.


About Us


Our creative design roots still dictates our business focus and we begin with a strong design process. Through our successful interview process we help build an understanding of the customer and provide preliminary estimates. Once a project expectation is built we move into formal designs and approvals before the first shovel goes into dirt.


About Us

In-House Construction and Finishing

One of our greatest advantages is providing a complete service to our customers, including framing and finishing carpentry. This ensures the most accurate developments and one point of contact for the entire project, keeping the production relationship simpler. Our teams are more agile this way, giving the customer more input on even the smallest details of their project. We provide the highest quality in custom homes, and that requires teams that are dedicated to our ideals.

  • Alberta New Home Warranty Member
  • Canadian Home Builders Association Member
  • Professional Home Builders Institute Member
  • Master Home Builder
  • Master Home Renovator
  • Renomark Member

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Innovation Plus is a fully licensed and insured Edmonton home renovator and custom home builder. Our focus is on personalized design services including in-fill development, custom design, construction and interior design. As a more focused, ownership managed company, we can provide tailored and agile development services.


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